Made some Ultra-Flat Fixture Table wings this weekend.
One is a Vice Wing, the other is a 12” X 24” Table wing. With the Vice Wing, you can bolt a vice to this fixture and easily attach the fixture to the side to the side of your fixture table any where you want it with a couple of shoulder bolts, then when done, easily slip off the wing and stow it on the wall or anywhere out of the way.
The Table wing is the same attachment, this give you a a little more table space especially useful when you have that odd shaped project that may stick out over the side of the table. The hole pattern lines up with that on the table so easy for setting up fixtures.
When your not using the Table Wing as a table top, you can flip it over and use it as a tool tray. Kinda handy!!!
If you are interested in these, shoot me a message.


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