Here are some renderings of the 2″X72″ belt grinder we have recently designed. It is a 2HP motor (Leeson, or other may be available) with KBAC VFD Variable Speed controller with forward and reverse motor direction added. Power to the belt is through a 5″ drive/tracking wheel.  
It can tilt from Vertical to Horizontal, will come with the standard platen with 2 – 2″ contact wheels, a multi-platen is in the works . It has dual tooling arm slots. All pivots have Oilite bronze bushings and shoulder bolts to make for a smooth, serviceable unit.
We have designed positive tensioning thru a ratchet and pawl system with spring tensioner and a 3″ tension wheel.
We also have also designed a very unique tracking system that tilts rotates the motor and drive wheel creating a more precise tracking system.

This is in the final stages of testing and proving the design elements
Once that is complete, we will be offering these in a couple different options.

We will be offering this in a kit form:  Kit will include all precision laser cut tab & slot designed metal parts, drive and tension wheels and all the hardware, bolts, shoulder bolts, bushings, shims, washers, nuts etc. to assemble. To complete it will require, some welding, and threading of a few holes.   You would need to secure a 56C style motor and a VFD.

Options to add on would be:

  • Standard deep reach platen with aluminum wheels and tooling arm
  • Multi platen that can have the standard flat platen facing you, or rotate to have either the 1-1/2” or 3” poly coated wheel facing you. Or the slack belt side. (No pictures of this at this point as I’m not done with the design and test) And this will have a custom tooling arm that will allow the rotation.
  • KBAC 27d Mounting integrated into the frame.

Drop us a line if you are interested in being on the list for one of these or for more info.