We got in our first Ultra-Flat Fixture table, We will be assembeling this first one and making a assembly video along with taking photos to post here, so stay tuned.

These are the ultimate in welding tables. We have designed these tables using Tab and Slot assembly technique, which means all the pieces line up exactly where they are supposed to insuring accuracy and keeping the table square and ultra-flat. The table has 5/8″ (16mm) holes in a 2″x 2″ grid to make setting up fixtures a breeze, you can just drop a clamp or a stopper into any of the holes and start setting up a repeatable assembly jig.

We will be offering these in the kit form so you can save a few bucks and assemble and weld them up yourself, or we can provide a fully assembled and welded table, your choice.

We will have these available in several sizes, 4’X8′, 3’X5′, 2’X4′, 3’X4′, 4’X4′, 2’X2′ and we could do other sizes if you needed, just let us know what you are looking for.


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