I have been working on this tube frame buggy on and off for a couple of years now. Lately I have made some pretty good headway and and am getting close to being finished with the design.
It will be a 4 seater full tube frame, Chevy LS powered 4 Wheel Drive, off road exploration vehicle, a little bit of a crawler, a little bit of a overland vehicle, so a “Overcrawling” rig.
I am getting close to having the design done and hopefully to a point I can start bending tube and welding it up. This is a fairly good sized project to do on your “Spare Time” so it will undoubtedly take some time, but I’m hoping for the summer of 2022 to be done with it.
If you are a off-roader/four wheeler/overlander/fabricator/builder/designer or experience in this sort of vehicle, I welcome any input on what could be changed or Look out for or input/help, I have never designed a vehicle or build one for that matter from scratch, but I’m making it happen.
Let me know what you think.