Today we release the Idle On! idle timer bypass for new Ford Super Duty’s

The Problem:

30 Minute idle time shut down. The new Ford Super Duty pickups will only allow the vehicle to idle a maximum of 30 minutes at which point it shuts off.

Even Ford dealerships admit they cannot “Fix” this, or re-program the on-board computer to allow longer idle times.

Who does this effect?

Anyone who needs their vehicle to stay running to power lights, testing equipment, heating/cooling, etc. law enforcement, fire, utility workers, roadside inspection, K9 units, communications equipment ranchers and the list goes on of industries that need to run their vehicle longer than 30 minutes.


Our Idle On! Circuit is a simple device that utilizes the factory upfitters wiring harness and basically fools the onboard computer and tells it to disable the idle shutdown feature.

This device in non-destructive and will not void your factory warranty

This is available in three options:

1) Idle On! Circuit that you wire into factory upfitters pigtail included in all Super Duty’s (5 wires to connect)

2) You send us your pigtail and we will wire it up to the Idle On! Circuit.

3) Idle on! Circuit pre-wired to a new pigtail, all ready to go. And if you select this option and send us back your factory pigtail, we will credit you back $100.


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