Introducing the new Idle On! Plus.

It has the regular Idle On feature to bypass the 30 minute shutdown under normal idling circumstances, or you can flip a switch, (customer provided, you can use upfitter switch or just add a switch with 12v – blue wire in photo) within the first 20 minutes of idling and it will go into high idle mode (between 1160 & 1200rpm on diesels) and bypass the 30 minute shutdown, so you basically can run either way regular idle or high idle until you shut it off.

Benefits to the Plus version

Cylinder Washt: Our high idle feature helps reduce cylinder wash on diesels, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

Enhanced Charging: The Idle On! Plus provides higher output charging, keeping your batteries juiced up and able to run all your necessary equipment even during extended idle periods.

Idle On Plus


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