Idle On! PLUS Idle timer shutdown bypass with High Idle feature for Ford Super Duty – Great for Diesels

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Ford Super Duty Idle Timer Bypass

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Hey Diesel lovers, you asked for it, we responded!
We have been asked about adding a High Idle feature to our already popular Idle On! and have just finished development and testing of what we are calling the Idle On! Plus.

Best of both worlds

The new Idle On! Plus has the regular Idle On feature to bypass the shutdown under normal idling circumstances, or you can flip a switch, (customer provided, you can use upfitter switch or just add a switch with 12v – blue wire in photo) within the first 20 minutes of idling and it will go into high idle mode (between 1160 & 1200rpm on diesels) and bypass the 30 minute shutdown, so you basically can run either way regular idle or high idle until you shut it off.
Note: To engage the high idle feature, you do have to have the parking brake set and flip your high idle switch on within the first 20 minutes of idling. This allows the system to engage the high idle feature before the regular bypass in engaged.

Benefits to the Plus version

  • Cylinder Washt: Our high idle feature helps reduce cylinder wash on diesels, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.
  • Enhanced Charging: The Idle On! Plus provides higher output charging, keeping your batteries juiced up and able to run all your necessary equipment even during extended idle periods.
Info about the original Idle On! in general.

The Problem:
30 Minute idle time shut down.  The new Ford Super Duty pickups will only allow the vehicle to idle a maximum of 30 minutes at which point it shuts off.
Even Ford dealerships admit they cannot “Fix” this, or re-program the on-board computer to allow longer idle times.

Who does this effect?
Anyone who needs their vehicle to stay running to power lights, testing equipment, heating/cooling, etc. law enforcement, fire, utility workers, roadside inspection, K9 units, communications equipment ranchers and the list goes on of industries that need to run their vehicle longer than 30 minutes.

Our Idle On! Circuit is a simple device that utilizes the factory upfitters wiring harness and basically fools the onboard computer and tells it to disable the idle shutdown feature.

This device works with both gas and diesel pickups, F-250 thru F-550 and is non-destructive and will not void your factory warranty.

Available in both Plug-n-Play version and the “You Wire” version that requires 7 wires to be connected to your factory pigtail that comes with every Ford Super Duty (Instructions Included)

NOTE: If you need a factory FORD Pigtail wired in for use with other devices, contact us and we can discuss the options.

Made by First Responders for First Responders

Click here for a Brochure download of the Idle! On circuit.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
Wiring Option

Pre Wired Version (Plug-n-Play), You wire version (with instructions)

1 review for Idle On! PLUS Idle timer shutdown bypass with High Idle feature for Ford Super Duty – Great for Diesels

  1. John (verified owner)

    Our fire dept purchased a 2023 Ford F-550 rescue truck that has the auto-shutdown feature. The truck has 12v scene lights we use for night-time incidents, and it’s unacceptable for it to shut off after 30 minutes. The dealer said there was no Ford-approved option for disabling the auto-shutdown, but we found the Idle On at Merlin’s. While you can find similar devices on Youtube that do the same thing, I chose the Idle On because of the sturdy box the components come in. We bought the non-plugged version for the faster delivery, but found we couldn’t have used the plug-and-play version because the fire truck manufacturer had already used some of the wires on the body-builder plug. We asked the builder if we could share the wires, but they didn’t have a real answer. Because most of the wires report vehicle status (transmission in park, emergency brake on, etc), we decided to go ahead and connect the Idle On in parallel with the circuits already being used by the builder. So far, we have had no problems with things working, or experienced any unanticipated consequences. We will definitely add the Idle On to two new brush trucks when they are delivered. Thanks Merlin’s for a good solution!

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